Interested in studying asexuality? Here’s some good places to start

1. Asexual Explorations:

This site includes an excellent bibliography of all the major published papers on asexuality; it also has supplementary information on related topics such as HSDD. You should check out the asexual explorations blog as well – it includes some excellent posts about asexuality in academia:

2. Asexuality Studies Mailing List:

This mailing list is slow, but it’s a good place to hear about new papers and occasionally see some interesting discussion.

3. Asexuality Studies Blog: 

Although this project is no longer active, there’s some good posts about studying asexuality and links to other resources still available in the archives.

4. Asexuality in Academia Journal Club:

The Journal Club is an online Skype group for discussing academic works on asexuality; every week we read and discuss a new paper. For information on how to join, contact “sennkestra” on Skype. Summaries of past discussions and updates about what we’re reading next can be found at the asexual agenda blog. It’s not currently active in reviewing papers, but it’s still a good place to ask questions.

5. NWSA Asexuality Interest Group:

For those interested in feminist/queer theory approaches to studying asexuality, you can check for updates here or on their twitter:

Know of any good resources that aren’t on this list? Leave a suggestion in the comments!

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