An awesome little post about the linguistics of the word “ace” as short for asexual, for any fellow asexy linguistics fans!

Arnold Zwicky's Blog

Reported by Mark Mandel on ADS-L yesterday, ace for asexual ‘person who feels no sexual attraction to others’ (independent of feeling romantic interest) — a clipping of the base word, making the term roughly comparable in form to the clippings bi for bisexual, homo for homosexual, and hetero for heterosexual (though these items are not fully comparable in tone or style). Ace stands out because, unlike the others, it’s not a prefix on its own, but rather a prefix (a-) plus the following consonant.

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About Sennkestra

I'm an aromantic asexual and a bit of an [a]sexuality nerd, recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in linguistics. When I'm not reading stuff on the internet I like to cook fancy food, watch anime, and make costumes and other arts and crafts projects.
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