Fun bit of history: Asexuality in the Toronto Sun Sex Survey, 1999-2000

Report on Asexuality from the 2000 COMPAS and Toronto Sun Sex Survey:

Using slightly different questions, the 1999 and 2000 Sun/COMPAS sex surveys yielded somewhat different measures of the size of the community of people lacking a sexual inclination. Last year, respondents were asked if they were “sexually attracted to…only men, mostly men, both men and women, most women, or only women?” In 1999, respondents were not asked if they lacked sexual interest but a volunteered response to that effect was recorded as such. In 2000, respondents were explicitly asked if they non-sexual as opposed to being heterosexual, gay or homosexual, or bi-sexual or attracted to both sexes. In the 2000 study, the number of non-sexuals was 5%, up from 2% the previous year. The increase in non-sexual responses in 2000 may arise simply because non-sexual respondents no longer had to volunteer their lack of interest. In the year 2000 study, a lack of sexual interest was proffered as an option.

If you follow the link above, there’s more of a breakdown on why these respondents report a lack of interest in sex, as well as data on rates of homosexuality, heterosexuality, and bisexuality for comparison.

Also, for anyone curious, I’ve included all the parts of both this survey and previous iterations that I could find through the internet archive’s Wayback Machine below:

National Survey on Sex and Relationships with COMPAS and the Toronto Sun, 1998:


Report #1: Introduction:

Report #2: The rules of the game in mating or attracting sexual partners:

Report #3: The Appeal of the Sexes: Coupling, Matrimony, Who Benefits and How, and What Needs Improvement (missing)

Report #4: Young and Single in the 90s:

Report #5: Sexual Relations and Perceptions in the Workplace:

Report #6: Sexual Athletics:

Report #7: Politics and Sex:

Report #8: Feminists:

Report #9: Sex and Quebec:

1999 Survey (Incomplete)

Changing Gender Relations:

Report #3: Sex Appeal:

Report #5: Getting in the Mood:

Report #6: Fast Sex and the One Night Stand:

Report #7: Adultery and Relationships:

Third Annual Toronto Sun/COMPAS Sex Survey, 2000

Report #1: Changing Gender Relations and Where Relationships Are Getting Better or Worse:

Report #2: What makes males appealing:

Report #3: What makes females appealing:

Report #4, Sexual Habits and Interests:

Report #5, Homosexuality and Bisexuality:

Report #6, Asexuality:

Report #7: Sex in the Workplace:

Report #8, Sex and the Internet:

Report #9, Sexual Content in the Media:

Report #10, Date Rape:

Report #11, Prostitution:

Report #12, Abortion:


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