Carnival of Aces: Some Asexual Cultural Moments You Might Have Missed

Content Warning: includes some flash gifs.

In honor of the last day of the “Asexual Culture” Carnival of Aces, today we’re going Buzzfeed style in a more light hearted post about what’s really dear to my heart: memes.

Well, memes, injokes, and other cultural moments of significance, that is, especially those from Ye Olde Days of 2011-2013 Ace Culture.

Here’s a handful of some of my personal favorite ace community memes and injokes:

#6.The AVEN welcome cake

Probably one of the first identifiable asexual symbols, the AVEN welcoming cake is one of the first things newbies used encounter when they first start exploring the asexual community, back when almost everyone went through AVEN as a first step. It’ll always hold a special place in our hearts.

#5. Asexual Armadillo, Asexual Axolotl, and Aromantic Ardvark 

Animal Memes are pretty much the most classic of classic memes, so here’s the ace and aro versions :) (Click through on the image for more)

#4. That one song about how asexuals don’t want to touch butts.

Seriously. Just listen to it. It’s a shame I don’t see this very often anymore, because it really is and always will be the best asexual song.

#3. The Official Asexual Dance

See 2:19 for the official asexual dance! This video was a classic that popped up every now and again on AVEN around the time that I joined, around 2010/2011.

Of course, all asexual dances are the best dances :)

#2. Damn my Asexual Privilege!

Gosh, we aces just have so much privilege we’re practically tripping over it! Unlike those other poor souls who can’t perform mitosis. I mean, I’m so glad that we never get erased in the media or ostracized for having a non-normative sexuality! …Oh wait.

On the other hand, we do have all the cake :D


#1. The Breadriarchy

Sure, we aces love to talk about how much superior cake is, but do we ever stop to think about the effects of such blatant pastryism on other members of the baked goods? Should we be more accepting  of brownies in the cake community? Do pies need to check their “real food” privilege?

There were a lot of  divisive issues in the baked goods community back in 2011,  but I think we can all agree that the social norms that discriminate against certain baked goods just because they are “too sweet” and “not healthy” need to go.


And now, readers, I have a question for you: what are your favorite ace community memes or inside jokes?

7 thoughts on “Carnival of Aces: Some Asexual Cultural Moments You Might Have Missed

  1. I’ve always been partial to the One True Slug (which was coined by greenchestnuts? and possibly Sciatrix? but the person I see using it most is adventures-in-asexuality).

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