How to Get Your Ace Event on Wikipedia

In light of the recent events where an attempt to make a wikipedia page for Ace Day failed, here are some quick tips for anyone who wants to get their page up on wikipedia, from someone who has been a casual wiki editor before:

  1. Get to know wikipedia’s editor policies, and follow them. Specifically, for making an event page, you should check out these pages:
    1. Notability Guidelines for Events
    2. Identifying Reliable Sources
    3. The right way to get events you or your friends started onto Wikipedia
    4. Criteria for Speedy Deletion (aka what really not to do)
    5. Wikipedia: Your First Article (introduction to making new wikipedia pages for newbies)
    6. Contributing to Wikipedia and Wikipedia:Tutorials
  2. Consider whether your event is suitable for Wikipedia.
    1. Not every big ace event will be big enough for wikipedia. After reviewing the wikipedia notability guidelines, consider whether your event really fits.
    2. Not being notable or well-cited enough for wikipedia yet is not a bad thing. It just gives you a goal for future iterations of your event!
    3. Consider also whether you might be better served by more specific interest wikis, like the asexuality-focused AVENwiki.
  3. During the event, reach out to mainstream media and other third parties who might cover your event (to provide reliable sources).
    1. One way to make sure you will have enough reliable sources is to engage with the media and other communities outside your target audience – spread press releases and announcements far and wide
    2. Make it easy for media to cover your event: have a press-kit with things like wuotes and images and press releases that are basically pre-written sample articles.
  4. After the event, gather reliable sources that discuss your event in one place. 
    1. Don’t even bother doing any writing until you have numerous reliable sources that you can cite. If you have no citations, your entry will be deleted, no matter how important or significant the event is.
    2. Good sources for event are things like newspaper articles, radio pieces – basically anything from mainstream media (online articles and small local papers count.)
    3. Note that personal blogs, tumblr posts, etc. are not considered reliable sources. There is no point trying to argue this point with other wiki editors; it won’t work.
  5. Quality over Quantity
    1. One well cited page draft is better than 100 people leaving uncited message or comments demanding a page
    2. One citation of a mainstream new source is better than 100 citations of tumblr posts.
    3. And as a corollary to that….
  6. Have one person take point instead of staging an unorganized mass viral campaign.
    1. Ideally, this should be someone already familiar with the ins and outs of wikipedia.
    2. Having a single person take point can prevent accusations of spamming and can help coordinate everything in one place, to maintain overall quality.
    3. This person should be responsible for drafting up the actual page article that will be submitted.
  7. Don’t submit until everything is ready.
    1. Start a wiki page in your personal sandbox, or in a text editor of your choice. Make sure everything has been edited and crosschecked and cited properly before you submit it to Wikipedia proper and subject it to the scrutiny of other Wiki editors.
    2. If you submit a half-done article and it gets deleted, it will be harder to get it back than if you wait to have a better written one.

About Sennkestra

I'm an aro ace and a bit of an [a]sexuality nerd; an officer worker by day and an ace community organizer and activist by night. When I'm not reading stuff on the internet I like to cook fancy food, watch anime, and make arts and crafts projects.
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