Help us make a Comprehensive Asexual Academic Publications Masterlist!

So I mentioned this on tumblr earlier today, but I wanted to put out a more formal announcement: help us crowdsource a comprehensive record of academic publications about asexuality!

Asexual Explorations already has a pretty good introductory bibliography that makes for a good starting point, but it’s not updated very frequently, so it can be missing a lot of newer works. Asexual Explorations is also a curated list that makes a point of focusing on works that are good starting points for reading and studying – which is incredibly useful for new researchers, but not he same as what I had in mind.

Specifically, I want to create a masterlist that serves almost like a historical archive, with records of  all published works dealing with asexuality – even the really really bad ones that no one should ever read or cite. This would be an abbreviated bibliography, with no abstracts or summaries, at least to begin with (though that could be a possible future expansion).

Of course, it’s hard to catch all these papers by myself, which is where I could use your help – I’ve set up google doc template for entering any known papers, so if you can add even a few papers that you know of, it’s be a great help! The first step is simply to get the basic information for each paper, which is where outside help is the most necessary. Once the initial list is more complete, further potential expansions could include adding abstracts, adding summaries, adding reviews, adding tags, etc – but none of that can happen until we have the first step done.

So, with that done…..

Add to the masterlist here! (first tab is instructions, second tab is for entries)


About Sennkestra

I'm an aro ace and a bit of an [a]sexuality nerd; an officer worker by day and an ace community organizer and activist by night. When I'm not reading stuff on the internet I like to cook fancy food, watch anime, and make arts and crafts projects.
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