Asexual Groups in Fiction

Thinking about putting together a post on how asexual meetup/”support” groups are portrayed in media (mostly television and film, but I’d consider including other media if I knew of any).

So far the only examples I know of are:

  1. The asexual group in Shortland Street (New Zealand soap opera)
  2. The asexual support group in The Olivia Experiment (small independent film in the US)
  3. The asexual group in Divorce (Dutch television show)

Does anyone know of any other examples I should look at?

10 thoughts on “Asexual Groups in Fiction

  1. Most of the other media I know of with ace characters either has them thinking that they’re alone or else only interacting with one other ace/with aces online. (Shades of A has the AVEN equivalent depicted; I don’t know if that would count for your project.)

  2. I was originally looking at instances where we actually are introduced to multiple other ace characters/see interactions between them – and online groups could work for that, if enough is shown, but most of the ones I know seem to be not much more than a brief glance at a screenshot of a page, which doesn’t really show us much and doesn’t really play much of a role in the narrative. (The inspiration was this was wondering about the diversity of extras and side characters in such groups, compared to the relative lack of diversity in known main characters, but I’ll probably comment on other things as well)

    Although now that you mention it, it’s probably worth bringing in as a comparison the ways that other pieces show minimal or no interaction with any ace communities and/or how they depict internet communities as well, so maybe I’ll add that in somewhere. So thanks for the rec! I had completely forgotten about that part of Shades of A.

      • I have just gotten hooked on Sirens. I gave it a chance when it first aired, before I knew there was going to be an asexual character, but didn’t find it compelling at all. The humor wasn’t funny, it was both boring and too crass or something. But the show really improved by season 1 episode 6, apparently, because I skipped ahead to watching that ep on Netflix for the sake of seeing how they introduce asexuality. And the show is pretty great in terms of how they portray the asexual character in subsequent episodes. I personally enjoy the way they represent it. I know it’s not “perfect” and in some ways is very different from how some people experience asexuality, but it’s so much better than nothing, in my opinion, and I could see a lot of real asexual people relating to it.

        But there is no asexual meetup/”support” group shown or mentioned on the show, at least not yet. What they did have in season 2 episode 6 was mention of asexual “message boards” and that the recurring asexual character (who is a conventionally attractive woman, from what I can tell) found another asexual person, who turns out to be an attractive man, to start dating on there.

        I haven’t seen the final 5 episodes of Sirens. And it was just canceled. So I’ll note if there was any interesting mentions of the asexuality or asexuality related things in the final five episodes. But I’m not holding my breath. I think this show doesn’t have the specific thing you’re looking for.

        I’ve been going to in-person ace meetups for the past year-and-a-half and really enjoying them, so I’ve included ace meetup stuff modeled after my own real life experience, to some degree, in 2 fanfiction stories I wrote… but I’ve never seen portrayal of them in any TV show or film before. Unless maybe you count that documentary (A)sexuality on Netflix… :P That had something, didn’t it?

      • Asexuality is only mentioned briefly in the 10 episode season 1, never given too much focus other than it’s introduction episode, but it is more heavily a thing throughout this first half of their season 2, which I for one appreciate.

  3. I remember some fanfic, if that counts? Due to my ongoing obsession with US superheroes, it’s all Marvel Cinematic Universe. The listed portrayals usually serve as a catalyst for character development, are mostly short and all are all positive if – to me – a little over the top with the cake …

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