Ace Awareness Week Poster Kit

Want to make some posters to use to spread asexual awareness in your own area? Here’s a template! This minimalist poster design is intended to be easy to print on home computers, easy to edit, and still fairly stylish and catchy.

You can download the files yourself here.


  1. Includes templates for Word and for InDesign
  2. Fonts used include Futura, Helvetica (light), and Anime Ace. Some of these may not be available on your computer, so you may end up having to download them or substitute similar fonts.
  3. I’ve included sample text on the first image, but you can swap out any text of your choice.
  4. The InDesign file also include a few bonus variant designs with slight differences.

I will also happily input text myself and send you a formatted pdf if you have any trouble editing them yourself.

Here’s an example of one I made for my own local group:

AAW_Poster_Ace Space_Page_1


About Sennkestra

I'm an aro ace and a bit of an [a]sexuality nerd; an officer worker by day and an ace community organizer and activist by night. When I'm not reading stuff on the internet I like to cook fancy food, watch anime, and make arts and crafts projects.
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