Carnival of Aros June 2022 Roundup- “House and Home” 

For last month’s Carnival of Aros, we invited bloggers to discuss the topic of “House and Home“, and received the following submissions:

  • Mundo Heterogéneo writes about households in Spain and their own ideals, including recent stats about the prevelance of single-person households and mixed households, and how housing policies are often biased towards “one family” models that don’t necessarily reflect how much of the population lives.
  • Sildarmillion writes about the living situations she’s had and the ones she’s wanted, and how covid-isolation and limerence vs. more platonic feelings all affect her thoughts about living situations.
  • Graces of Luck writes a reflection on home, explaining how both being aromantic and being an immigrant affects their priorities for a “home”, how income and housing restrictions can sometimes limit their options, and looking forward to making a new home.
  • Sennkestra at Next Step: Cake writes about rental housing and communal living, and how discussions of owning vs. renting housing are complicated by non-nuclear-family households and preferences for alternative types of communal living.
  • Roboticanary writes about their ideal housing as an aromantic and facing challenges from landlords who prefer couples (especially married couples) above single people and friend groups, with an additional aside about UK housing policy and how a focus on “families” often fails to support the kinds of new housing that would be accessible to young or single people.
  • Ace Film Reviews asks “Where is my Home?” as they reflect on how living with their best friend and family led them to discover how much they enjoyed that kind of living, and the uncertainty of an upcoming move to a new place and new experience of living alone, leaving the future more open-ended.
  • Grownupchangeling writes about wanting to live alone, what makes something feel like a “home” instead of a household or just a place you live, and how different living situations did or didn’t feel like home to them.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted!

The Carnival of Aros is currently on hiatus for the month of July, and is currently looking for additional hosts for upcoming months.

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