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ACHA-NCHA II and Asexuality: Initial Explorations

Since I don’t actually have time to do any deeper analysis anytime soon, here’s a brief peek at my initial graphic representations of data from the NCHA over the last several years, both before and after adding “asexual” as an … Continue reading

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“Asexual” Updated in the OED

(Take that, “but that’s not what the dictionary says” sticklers!) This March, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), which is widely considered the most comprehensive of authorative english language dictionary, released a new update that included major additions and expansions to … Continue reading

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Asexual Prevalence in the ACHA-NCHA II

Today I wanted to highlight a pretty cool but little known new source of potential asexual prevalency information: The ACHA NCHA II. (s/o to David Jay for sending me a link to this!) The ACHA-National College Health Assessment II (ACHA-NCHA II) … Continue reading

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Help Wanted: Crowdsourcing a Comprehensive Asexual Research Bibliography!

Now that the Asexual Explorations bibliography has officially been retired, there is a dearth of good resources for people who want to start reading up on asexual research but have no idea where to start. Bibliographies – whether comprehensive or … Continue reading

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A is for…A Case Study

A/N: This is mostly a linkdump, but may be of interest if you are an ace history nerd interested in the history of “A” in one particular LGBTQIA Acronym One of the first places that I remember seeing “LGBTQIA” with … Continue reading

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Take the 2016 Ace Community Census!

It’s that time of year again – we are now recruiting participants for the ace community census! The ace community census is an annual survey by the Asexual Visibility and Education Network which collects valuable information on the demographics and … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Sex and the Significant Americans (1965)

First, a big shoutout to my mom for finding this as a used book, knowing it was relevant to my interests and bringing it back for me! Also, if this kind of historical snippet is up your alley, consider joining … Continue reading

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The Anatomy of an Incorrect Citation

This post is about a single sentence, and the story of how a single citation of “fact” can be wrong in so many ways. This example was only a single sentence, but it’s a good example of a larger problem in the growing field of “asexuality studies”.

The story start’s in Sinwell’s recent essay, where she starts off with what seems a fairly simple claim: “According to Anthony Bogaert, between 1% and 6% of the American population describe themselves as Asexual”. Seemed straightforward, which is why at first, I was confused – I was sure I’d read all of Bogaert’s work, how could I have missed that!

Of course, it turns out I hadn’t missed it, it was just flat out wrong – it’s an incredibly confused misinterpretation at best, or deliberate deception at worst. Even then, it took a little bit of detective work to figure out where she was pulling that claim from, since it’s most likely from several different bits of data that have been mashed together. Continue reading

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