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For my personal experience stories (as opposed to higher level analytical or theoretical discussions).

Milestones and Priorities

This is a down-to-the-wire submission to the April Carnival of Aces, “All the birds but us…”. For a long time – including the period when I started and was most active on this blog – I mostly thought about big … Continue reading

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Wanting to be *[with] someone

Figuring out what “attraction” really meant was a bit of a puzzle for me, especially when I first questioned whether I was ace. I definitely knew early on that I must not be feeling quite the same thing everyone else … Continue reading

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Coming Out Stories

A/N: I posted this to another private community as part of a National Coming Out day prompt about sharing your coming out stories, but I thought I’d post it here too for everyone else. To anyone who is planning to … Continue reading

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TMI Time: Let’s talk about sex toys!

Content warning for explicit discussion of sexuality and sexual behavior, masturbation, and sex toys. May contain external; links which should be assumed nsfw and visit-at-your-own-risk. So, over on tumblr redbeardace made a very valid point that while ace communities have … Continue reading

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At some point around when I was in elementary school,  I made the mostly disastrously decision to play softball, which is, as it turns out, an incredibly boring sport which involves spending 90% of your time standing around kicking holes in … Continue reading

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“Good-Looking” vs. “Hot”

Sometimes, when looking back at my life,  I find all sorts of ways that my asexuality has affected me that I just never noticed because at the time because I thought everyone was that way. For example, at some point … Continue reading

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So when you strip physical characteristics and social roles away…what exactly is “gender”?

some musings from a private conversation I was having a while ago, about the difference between sex and gender: In the usual usage, as I understand it: “sex” refers to more “biological” characteristics; it refers to the m/f designation assigned … Continue reading

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