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Wanting to be *[with] someone

Figuring out what “attraction” really meant was a bit of a puzzle for me, especially when I first questioned whether I was ace. I definitely knew early on that I must not be feeling quite the same thing everyone else … Continue reading

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At some point around when I was in elementary school, ┬áI made the mostly disastrously decision to play softball, which is, as it turns out, an┬áincredibly boring sport which involves spending 90% of your time standing around kicking holes in … Continue reading

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So when you strip physical characteristics and social roles away…what exactly is “gender”?

some musings from a private conversation I was having a while ago, about the difference between sex and gender: In the usual usage, as I understand it: “sex” refers to more “biological” characteristics; it refers to the m/f designation assigned … Continue reading

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