Primary Source Archives

Much of asexual history has not been subject to formal historical documentation or analysis. In this case, the best way to learn about specific events is to examine primary sources from the time period, like forum threads, blog entries, and other textual evidence related to an event.

The following is a list of long-running ace community websites, link roundups, media archives, and other collections that may be useful places to look when searching for primary sources to examine:

Major Ace Websites (including through

Simply browsing through old posts on major ace sites like AVEN are a good place to start. You can also use’s wayback machine to view snapshots of websites at given moments in time – including some that no longer exist today. Just keep clicking around and see what you can find!

Link Dump: Early Asexual Sites accessible via

Haven for the Human Amoeba email list archives [currently not public – email for more information.]

Community Linkspams or News/Current Events roundups

Cicero’s AVEN Digests (April 2007 – Present)

Writing from Factor X Linkspams (January 2011 – February 2012)

Asexual Agenda Linkspams (July 2012 – Present)

Draw from the Deck/Asexual News on tumblr (March 2015 – February 2017)

Collected Archives of Media Coverage

AVENwiki News Media Archives: pre-2000

AVENwiki News Media Archives: 2000-2010

AVEN World Watch Forum Archives (check the subforums for each year, and look for the “index” threads that have been created for more recent years)

Collected Archives of Scholarly Works

Asexuality Bibliography on Zotero (more comprehensive overall, but less up to date for recent years. Check the Lit Review folder for papers that summarize previous works.)

Long Running Anthologies of Ace Writing

AZE Journal (formerly The Asexual) (Quarterly-ish, October 2016 – Present)

The Carnival of Aces (Monthly, May 2011 – Present)

AVENues Magazine (Quarterly, formerly monthly, September 2006 – Present, with occasional hiatuses)


AVEN’s Aromantic Threads Index, for aromantic history on AVEN

Ace Zine Archive, for zines, magazines, and other DIY print publications

Claudie Arsenault’s Asexual and Aromantic Characters in Fiction Database, for depictions of asexuality in original fiction

In addition to looking at these ace-specific resources, I also recommend looking at any general LGBTQ content archives, newspaper archives, or other general databases that you might have access to (although I recommend sticking to digitized, searchable databases for initial broad searches just for feasibility). If you’re at a university, definitely check with your local librarian to learn more about what other archives you might have access to.

Technical Tips

How to view specific blog archives


On tumblr, append /archive to a blog’s url (ex: to view the full archives of that blog. You can use the “Month” “Post Type” and “Tag” dropdowns in the upper left to narrow your search (for example, if you want to see what a specific blog was posting during Ace Week, you could select October of any given year in the month drop down.)


For wordpress blogs that use standard templates, you can append specific years or month numbers to the url to view all posts from that time period. For example, would return all posts from 2018 would return all posts from April, 2014