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Drug Watch: New Addyi Marketing Campaign, “Find My Spark”

So for those of you who remember Addyi (aka Flibanserin, the anti-HSDD drug that went through a lot of controversy over it’s FDA approval and has been warily watched by the ace community), the company that produces it (Valeant) has launched … Continue reading

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Take the 2016 Ace Community Census!

It’s that time of year again – we are now recruiting participants for the ace community census! The ace community census is an annual survey by the Asexual Visibility and Education Network which collects valuable information on the demographics and … Continue reading

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Coming Out Stories

A/N: I posted this to another private community as part of a National Coming Out day prompt about sharing your coming out stories, but I thought I’d post it here too for everyone else. To anyone who is planning to … Continue reading

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TMI Time: Let’s talk about sex toys!

Content warning for explicit discussion of sexuality and sexual behavior, masturbation, and sex toys. May contain external; links which should be assumed nsfw and visit-at-your-own-risk. So, over on tumblr redbeardace made a very valid point that while ace communities have … Continue reading

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Wanted: Aces and Aros at Creating Change 2017 in Philadelphia!

Hello followers! If any of you are thinking about attending Creating Change this year or plan to submit proposals, please hit me up! I’m part of a facebook group for Aces and Aros at Creating Change and we’ve just started the process of … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Sex and the Significant Americans (1965)

First, a big shoutout to my mom for finding this as a used book, knowing it was relevant to my interests and bringing it back for me! Also, if this kind of historical snippet is up your alley, consider joining … Continue reading

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First Clue

When I was at Creating Change in Denver, Colorado in 2015, one of the organizations there was the storytelling project First Clue – they had a nifty booth set up where people could make little polaroids of themselves with a short … Continue reading

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Sexual+ is still sexual…

Y’know, considering that the whole point is supposedly to avoid forcing connotations of sexual activity/sexual availability/sexualization onto non-ace groups who may be at risk from such assumptions*, it seems kind of odd that all the popular coined alternatives to “sexual” still end … Continue reading

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Update on “The Boss”

Remember when I mentioned the (not very positive) asexuality reference in the trailer for “The Boss”? Someone mentioned to me that it had been changed since then, so I finally went and checked the most recent trailer and indeed, though it … Continue reading

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Asexuality reference dropped in “The Boss” trailer

Quick transcript for anyone curious about the asexuality mention in the new trailer for “The Boss” Starts at approximately 20 seconds in. Bell’s character is some kind of hardworking underling for McCarthy, who appears to be her obnoxious and flamboyant … Continue reading

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