Reviewing “Asexualities: Feminist and Queer Perspectives” – Masterpost

So, after saying I would do it for months and never actually getting around to it, I really wanted to start posting some summaries/reviews/comments for some of the chapters in the “Asexuality: Feminist and Queer Perspectives” anthology, especially because it’s price tag makes it so inaccessible to most bloggers and even many students of asexuality.

But before I start: does anyone have any requests for which chapters they want to hear about first?

The full table of contents is below:


Part 1: Theorizing Asexuality: New Orientations

  • Mismeasures of asexual desires / Jacinthe Flore
  • Inhibition, lack of excitation, or suppression: fMRI pilot of asexuality / Nicole Prause and Carla Harenski
  • “There’s no such thing as a sexual relationship”: Asexuality’s Sinthomatics / Kristian Kahn

Part 2: The politics of asexuality

  • Radical identity politics: asexuality and contemporary articulations of identity / Erica Chu
  • Stunted growth: asexual politics and the rhetoric of sexual literature / Megan Milks
  • On the racialization of asexuality / Ianna Hawkins Owen

Part 3: Visualizing Asexuality in Media Culture

  • Spectacular asexuals: media visibility and cultural fetish / Karli June Cerankowski
  • Aliens and asexuality: media representation, queerness, and asexual visibility / Sarah E.S. Sinwell [Summary] [Review coming soon]
  • Compulsory sexuality and asexual/crip resistance in John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus / Cynthia Barounis

Part 4: Asexuality and Masculinity

  • “Why didn’t you tell me that I love you?”: asexuality, polymorphous perversity, and the liberation of the cinematic clown / Andrew Grossman
  • Masculine doubt and sexual wonder: asexual-identified men talk about their (a)sexualities / Ela Przybylo

Part 5: Health, Disability, and Medicalization

  • Asexualities and disabilities in constructing sexual normalcy / Einjung Kim
  • Asexuality and disability: mutual negation in Adams v. Rice and new directions for coalition building / Kristina Gupta
  • Deferred desire: the asexuality of chronic genital pain / Christine Labuski

Part 6: Reading Asexually: Asexual Literary Theory

  • “What to call that sport, the neuter human…”: asexual subjectivity in Keri Hulme’s The bone people / Jana Fedtke
  • Toward an asexual narrative structure / Elizabeth Hanna Hanson.