Link Dump: Early Asexual Sites via

This is a list of links (relevent to my next post) that I’ve had sitting on my computer for years now, as I keep meaning to make it into a neatly organized list…but since I still haven’t done that yet and probably never will, I figure I’ll just dump them all here and people can explore them as they wish :)

There’s no particular organization or order or relevence here, it’s just some fun things to check out if you’re into ace history.

This is a post for the July 2015 Carnival of Aces, on the theme “Asexual History”

  1. My life as a human amoeba:
    1. (comments):
    2. (article):
  2. Asexual Coalition:
    2. oldest archived instance April 1999r
    3. looks like it might be more satire?
    4. does link to leather spinsters though.
  3. Leather Spinsters (Asexuality page):
    2. Earliest archived instance: December 1998
    3. No links to offsite asexual pages
  4. The Fourth Sexuality:
    2. Article about nonsexuality; this version first appears sometime between august 2001 june 2002
    3. (later hosted on swankivy’s page?)
    4. previously written article:
    5. originally written sometime before august 2001
    6. Does not appear to have any links to other asexual websites
  5. Haven for the Human Amoeba
    1. Archived posts can be found here:
    2. First Post: Oct 11, 2000; founded by drksparkle
    3. (July 15: tngirltech joins)
    4. Things linked to/mentioned in HHA:
      1. SCUM Manifesto – July 16th, 2001 (drksparkle)
      2. Antisexualism Online – July 28th, 2001 (Montgomery_Erick…)
      3. TNTechGirls’ asexualism page –  July 31, 2001 (tntechgirl)
      4. RU Antisex –  August 1, 2001 (tntechgirl) (notes as too extreme)
  6. Asexual Web Ring:
    2. founded by HHA members
  7. TNGIrlTech’s Asexualism Page:
    2. first mentioned in a link on HHA on July 31, 2001
    3. Links to: (as of April 2002) AVEN, Asexual Manifesto, HHA, The Asexual Rant (swankivy)
  8. The Asexual Rant/Nonsexual Rant (Swankivy):
  9. Asexual Manifesto:
    2. First archived instance November 2001
    3. links to: the celibate webring, Organization for Antisexualism
  10. The Celibate Webring:
    2. (later
    3. (list of member sites here:;action=list)
    4. Links to Nonsexuality Rant, OFA
  11. Organization for Antisexualism/Antisexualism Online:
    2. -first recorded archive appearance in April 2000
    3. -shut down in April 2006
    4. -had forums which cannot be accessed via webarchive
    5. (see links page)
    6. -links to antisex stronghold FAQ
  12. RU.Antisex:
    2. first archived appearance: june 2002
    3. last archived appearance: october 2002
  14. The Official Asexual Society/Official Nonlibidoism Society:
    2. First appearance in the internetarchives: May 2004
    3. But has been linked on AVEN at least as early as August 2003
    4. Date unknown: changed name from Official Asexual Society to Official Nonlibidoism Society (somewhere between december 2004 and february 2005)
    5. Dissolved sometime around late 2006/early 2007 (according to an apositive post by Dargon)
  15. Asexuals/”Asexuals We Are” [livejournal group]
    1. First post: July 20, 2001:
    2. Pretty much defunct by 2007, with less than five posts per year
  16. Asexuality [livejournal group]
    2. First post: April 28, 2002:

4 thoughts on “Link Dump: Early Asexual Sites via

  1. Very useful list of links. Thanks for sharing!

    About the Official Non-libidoist Society: there was actually a short-lived Dutch website and community shortly after the English version disappeared off the internet. If I understand correctly, the founder of the English website was Dutch, so it seems she set up a Dutch website as well. Judging by a Dutch AVEN topic, it was active from at least July 2008. the Way-Back-Machine catch of the website is here, and judging from the archives, it was no longer active after April 2009. (Captures of the homepage beyond that date redirect to the homepage of the service provider)

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